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For the Lord to immediately and permanently drive away adulterous women and men from the relationship between Sarah and Cody, they are getting married in the near future. For the Lord to help them grow as ONE together in agape love, undivided devotion, faithfulness and romance with each other. Sarah needs to be given more patience, understanding, self control, wisdom, maturity and she needs to listen to understand instead of listening to respond. she thinks every conversation needs an answer. Cody needs to cherish Sarah more, fulfill her needs, show her he loves her in gesture, Cody also needs understanding, gentleness, but also strength to lead her, he needs to have eyes and a heart only for Sarah and vice versa, right now and for all of their lifetime together. Cody needs to learn how to have fun and excitement with Sarah and vice versa. Lord, sustain, increase daily and protect their love and devotion for each other. Lord, never let them be tempted to cheat or have the urge to , never let them commit adultery or want to. Instead Lord let them actively pursue each other, passionately, and in love with solely each other, all of their days. Deliver them from every evil and temptation. Let no weapon formed against them ever prosper. Let no disaster ever come near their tent. in all their ways, let them acknowledge You, Lord, as their Savior and God. in Jesus Name, we pray, Amen.

Received: June 8, 2015