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j chris morrison

Prayer Request from Elizabeth Scheller: Vanessa Roach – 2 years old (member Diane Sullivan’s grand-daughter) – SCID (Severe Combined Immunodeficiency) Surgery yesterday to install central line in preparation for bone marrow transplant next month was successful. She also had tubes put in ears and procedure on eye to relieve pressure. This morning, the pressure in her eye has increased instead of decreased. The pressure is at 60 (normal is 20-30’s) -- They may need to do emergency surgery on her eye today. (She has already lost sight in the other eye…..may lose sight in this eye as well). Diane said Nessa thrashes about in her bed from the pain. Diane is quite upset. Please pray for this family: Nessa, Diane and Nessa’s parents, Brittney & Charlie. Nessa is receiving treatment at Duke. Brittney keeps her family updated on Nessa’s condition via facebook: www.facebook.com/nessasjourney

Received: August 28, 2015