(Greeters will be happy to direct you to a classroom)

Fidelis Class-Women 65-heaven bound

Class time is spent praying, studying and discussing the lesson.  The Explore the Bible curriculum is used.

Kingsmen Class- Men 65-heaven bound

Men spend the class time sharing prayer requests, discussing the weekly lesson and sharing the love of our God and King and His love for us.  The Explore the Bible curriculum is used.

Elect Class-Men and Women-55 and up

Sharing is caring in the class of 55 and up who share testimonies, prayer concerns, updates from missionaries, and how to support our church in any way.  The class uses an advanced curriculum and an occasional video for a deeper knowledge of the Word.

Upper Room-Men 60 and up

Each member has the opportunity to read part of the lesson aloud and this is followed up by discussion of the passage read.  The class prays for the needs of the class, as well as others, in this “seasoned” but spiritual group of men.

Titus 2 Men- 21 and up

Men 21 and over seeking to improve their relationship with the Lord by cross-referencing scriptures to get a better understanding of God’s Word.

40 Something Men-40 and up

Men in the 40-something range and beyond have intense Bible study by cross-referencing scriptures to get a better understanding of God’s Word.

Little Flock-Women 55 and up

Serving God through our church is an important part of this class of women 55 and up who share testimonies, prayer concerns, and detailed study of God’s Word.


Ladies in this class seek to live a life that encourages one another.  The Bible is the foundation of all studies in the class.  Some of the DVD curriculums that have been explored are from great Bible scholars including Beth Moore, Ruth Grahm-Lotz and others.

Gleaners-Women 40 and up

Ladies 45-65 glean from God’s Word through DVD Bible Studies from Priscilla Shirer, David Jeremiah, Beth Moore and many more.  Many of the Bible Studies have workbooks so members can dig even deeper throughout the week.

Couples 20’s and 30’s

Young couples connect with other couples who want to serve God and raise their children with the love of Christ.  We share prayer requests and praises, encourage each other and dig into God’s world through our weekly lesson

Coupled With Christ

A group of 30-something and above share prayer needs, events and daily life of class members.  The Bible is studied in depth to give direction to our daily lives.